Assistive Product Trinkbecher Roto

Product Type:

Drinking Cup with Rotating Handle

Areas of Application:

- Eating and Drinking
- Drinking Aid
- Cup
- Arthritis
- Tremor
- Parkinson's
- Limited Hand Mobility


According to individual need, the cup handle can be held at any angle that is comfortable for the person. Gravity always keeps the cup upright so that the drink does not spill.
There is no need to rotate the wrist while drinking. Raising the elbow or shoulder is also not necessary.
When drinking, the cup is held to the mouth and tilted either with the mouth, thumb or other hand. Stabilising with the second hand can be helpful throughout the drinking process. Likewise, resting the elbows while drinking can help.
The recessed lid has a small opening on the rim through which a straw can also fit. A rubber ring on the outside provides assurance. The rim widens outward so that the lips have a large contact surface.
Because the special shape of the cup allows the head to be held straight while drinking, it is also suitable for people with swallowing difficulties.
Also suitable for serving drinks: If the cup is held close to the mouth, the person being cared for can tilt the cup with their mouth or hand. This provides more control over their own drinking.

Features / Components:

- Material: polypropylene
- BPA-free
- Microwave safe
- Dishwasher safe
- Removable lid with drinking opening
- Microwave safe
- Dishwasher safe

Price (without guarantee):

34.95 EUR including VAT. (distribution)
End consumer price

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Neuer Messplatz 3
79108 Freiburg
Germany Telephone: 0761 21606998 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Capacity: 250 ml
Weight: 108 g
Height: 10.7 cm
Diameter: 7 cm
Handle length: approx. 8 cm



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