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unisonoPLUS Karlsbader Becher aus Porzellan

Product Type:
Porcelain drinking cup

The mug's handle also serves as a drinking straw. The stem touches the bottom of the cup, so you can drink without tilting the cup.
For people who lack the strength or motor skills to vacuum, the cup can also be tilted slightly. So the drink flows through the drinking straw to the mouth even when the head is held straight. To do this, the cup should not be completely filled to avoid spilling over.
The head can be kept straight due to the special shape, which is helpful for swallowing disorders and for people with restricted mobility in the neck and neck area.
The large handle can be gripped with the whole hand and thus offers safety in handling.

Features / Components:
- Microwave safe
- dishwasher safe
- Hard porcelain

Technical Data:
Height: 13.5 cm
Length: 12 cm
Width: 4 cm
Capacity: 0.28 l
Weight: 220 g

Price (without guarantee):
19.95 EUR including VAT (sales)
Retail price



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