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Nasenbecher Porzellan Trinkhilfe mit 2 Henkeln

Product Type:
Nase cup made of porcelain

Areas of Application:
- Food and Drink
- Swallowing Disorder
- Drinking Aid - Can be used as a nasal cup or mouthpiece cup
- for left-handers and right-handers

By his nose-section, the cup allows a straight head posture , The head does not need to be overstretched - this often causes swallowing when fluid gets into the trachea.
The two extra large handles are easily accessible. They are shaped so that they can be gripped with up to four fingers. The mouth can either be attached to the flat edge and the neckline can be used for the nose. When used in reverse (mouth is attached to the neckline), the user has a high sense of security that no drinks can leak at the corners of his mouth. The neckline securely encloses the mouth over the corners of the mouth. This is helpful for people with reduced sensitivity in the mouth and lip area.
This drinking aid will continue to help anyone who suffers from Parkinsons disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis, malignancies, ALS, dementia or age-related swallowing difficulties or movement restrictions in the neck and neck area.
Also available in red.

Features / Components:
- Hard Porcelain
- Nose Cuts - Prevents Overstretching Head
- Lightweight Porcelain (240g)
- Extra Large Handle
- Microwaveable
- Dishwasher Safe

Technical Data:
Capacity: 0.2l
Weight: 240g

Price (without guarantee):
25.95 EUR including VAT (sales)
for the red cup: 34.99 EUR Consumer price
Price date: 21.10.2019

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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