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Product Type:
Drinking Cup

Areas of Application:
- Dysphagia
- Limitations of Movement

Through a special mechanism, the affected person can drink with their heads bowed, thus preventing swallowing in case of dysphagia. The cup can be emptied completely without having to change the head position
Sippa consists of the components sippa lid and sippa cup, as well as the optional cap sippa cap. Sippa cap helps patients with restricted mobility, even without spilling the contents, to drink well and safely. The ergonomic design of the lip piece allows the jaw closure and the usual wetting of the lips, and thus a natural initiation of the swallowing process. In addition, the nose recess offers comfort when preventing drinking.
The sippa lid attachment with the integrated silicone membrane is designed as a consumable. Due to its hygienic manufacturing and packaging and the conception as a one-day-aid, sippa lid is suitable for fulfilling the hygienic requirements in care facilities.
Mark the side markings to see how much the patient has been drinking.

Features / Components:
- sippa cup is made of polypropylene
- fully transparent cup
- stackable
- dishwasher safe

Technical Data:
Capacity:200 ml

Price (without guarantee):
29,99 EUR tax incl.
Retail price
Price Date:08.09.2018



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iuvas medical GmbH


iuvas medical GmbH



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