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Besteckhalter L - blau

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Adjustable cutlery holder for large hands

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Besteckhalter L - blau

Areas of Application:

The cutlery holder is suitable for people who have difficulty holding cutlery.
The loop can be individually adjusted to the hand with a Velcro fastener.
The cutlery is placed in the sewn-in pocket plugged. The tension on the strap, which is placed around the hand, holds the cutlery securely in this bag.
The holder is suitable for cutlery with a maximum width of 13 mm and a height of 3 mm.

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17.49 EUR including VAT (sales)
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Beim Haferhof 5
25479 Ellerau
Germany Telephone: 04106 6556789 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Width of the cutlery pocket: 20 mm
Length of the cutlery pocket: 89 mm



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