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Product Type:
Dysphagia cup, mug

Areas of Application:
- People with difficulty swallowing
- People who have suffered a stroke
- People with neurological injuries
- People with chronic neck pain to avoid lying back

Dysphagia Cup Helps people who have difficulty swallowing. Drinking with your chin pressed towards your chest gives the normal swallowing mechanisms time to work. The design helps prevent liquid from leaking out on the lips and directs the liquid to the center of the mouth. The cup has enough space for the nose while drinking without the head lying back. With handles for easy grip with the whole hand or just the thumb. Ideal after a stroke or neurological injuries. The cup can also be used by people with chronic neck pain to avoid lying their head back.

Features / Components:
- Colors: almond or green
- Dishwasher safe

Technical Data:
Capacity: 237 ml
Weight: 238 g

Price (without guarantee):
39.98 EUR including VAT (sales)
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