Assistive Product Schwimmkragen extra

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Swimming collar


The inflatable swimming collar offers unsafe swimmers in the rehabilitation area, support and more safety. It is made of a blue protective cover and an internal transparent swim bladder. It is inflated via a safety mouth valve that prevents the air from escaping unintentionally. The swim collar is also resistant to chlorine and bath additives. A snap lock ensures a secure fit.

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191.00 EUR including VAT (sales)
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Sanivita Ludwig Bertram GmbH
Im Torfstich 7
30916 Isernhagen
Germany Telephone: 05136 9759-0 Email: Homepage:


sanumvitalis GmbH & Co. KG
Industriestr. 13
48734 Reken
Germany Telephone: 02864 8849522 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Size S for children: 28 - 32 cm
Size M: 33 - 38 cm
Size L: 39 - 43 cm



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