Assistive Product Bowlingkugelhalter

Product Type:

Holder for skittles ball


An expandable sleeve of neoprene at the end of the device is under constant spring tension, which ensures that the skittles ball is held. To release the ball, use the same procedure as for operating a conventional hook.

Features / Components:

- stretchable neoprene sleeve at end of jig
- sleeve is under constant spring tension
- tension ensures skittles ball is held securely
- release ball as for operating a conventional hook

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Horst Rattenhuber GmbH
Clemensänger-Ring 3
85384 Freising
Germany Telephone: 08161 4831-3 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Standard threaded pin: 1/2-20 inch thread
Length: 11.4 cm

Options / Accessories:

Accessories for Bowling HBA-100, item number 02 HD51148



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Last Update: 22 May 2021