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5 Würfelspiel - Fühlbrett inkl. Würfelbecher

Product Type:

Dice game with tangible markings

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5 Würfelspiel - Fühlbrett inkl. Würfelbecher

Areas of Application:

- Visual impairment
- Blindness


Based on dice poker, 5 dice per move are used in Kniffel. 13 combinations of dice should be rolled and used in such a way that they are worth the most points in the end. Thanks to a game board with tactile markings for entering the dice results using simply plug-in sticks, this variant is suitable for blind and visually impaired players.

Features / Components:

- 1 feeler board
- 25 wooden sticks in cotton bag
- 1 leather cup
- 5 tactile dice

Price (without guarantee):

41.20 EUR including VAT (Marland)
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Marland GmbH
Zollenreuter Str. 6
88326 Aulendorf
Germany Telephone: 00800 6363-6363 Email: Email: Homepage:

Aktivwelt GmbH
Provinostr. 52
86153 Augsburg
Germany Telephone: 0821 20709650 Email: Email: Homepage: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Size: 24 x 21 x 1.4 cm



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