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Zeitreise durch das 20. Jahrhundert

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Communication Game

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Zeitreise durch das 20. Jahrhundert


The communication game calls for storytelling, provides insights into the history of life and history, supports the dialogue of the generations and promotes biographical work.
In addition to the great world politics are also the stories of coping with everyday life and the stories of the people at the center. The game of the century does not require answers that are right or wrong, but calls for telling personal experiences. The impulses for conversation are based on the 100 words of the century, on everyday concepts and on historical events.

Players collect different cards with different stimuli. Points can be awarded to these cards to determine a winner. (The rules of the game can be varied or reduced as needed - and it is not absolutely necessary to choose a winner.)

Communication fields are at the heart of the game. On them the players exchange their memories. The expansion card sets can be used as a complement to the table game, but also independently.

Previously published are:

Postwesen - Communication Around Rosenheim & Entertaining Holzkunde
The time travel through the 20th century is a sociable game for 3 to 8 people, teenagers and adults. It is advantageous if at least one older player participates.

Features / Components:

- double-sided printed game board with different levels of difficulty
- 1 colored game manual DIN A 3 with easy-to-read 10-point font
- 4 VIA game figures
- 1 Special Dice
- 95 Postcards of the Officina Ludi
- 100 playing cards
- 6 historical event lists on different topics

The 100 words of the century, 50 cue-cards with 4 terms each and 6 event-lists with 32 historical events each lead to almost 500 conversations.

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Price Date: 10.12.2019

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