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skat game with braille markings

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Skatspiel, Punktschrift


The playing cards are either provided with braille markings or with tactile symbols (lines, circles) for players without braille skills. The marking is either embossed directly into the cards, or an embossed film is glued to the image side. The direct imprinting can be recognized by sighted players. For the version with adhesive foil, the cards get thicker.

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Price Date: 11.11.2019

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Deutscher Hilfsmittelvertrieb gem. GmbH
Bleekstr. 26
30559 Hannover
Germany Telephone: 0511 95465-0 Email: Homepage:


1842002 Skat, braille
Price: 12,84 EUR

1842003 Skat, foil, strokes / circles
Price: 24,61 EUR

1842004 Skat, foil , Braille
Price: 24,61 EUR



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