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Brettspiel für Blinde Kniffel Set mit Würfel & Becher Taktil

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Tactile board game Kniffel Set with dice

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Brettspiel für Blinde Kniffel Set mit Würfel & Becher Taktil

Areas of Application:

- Visual impairment
- Blindness
- for two people


Each player needs his own Kniffel feeler board on which his results are entered. In each round of the dice each player has to make an entry by sticking the wooden sticks in one of the 13 rows. At the end, the points are calculated using the instructions.
The left and right sides of the board can be distinguished from one another by a punched, palpable wavy line in the middle. The dice symbols and the holes for the wooden sticks on the board are also tactile. This single game board is also available as a partner set.
The design of this plastic cube is designed for use by blind or visually impaired people.
The dice eyes are in rounded recesses. Because of these notches, it is easy to feel the number of eyes positioned in it.

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65.95 EUR including VAT.
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