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Riesenwürfel aus Schaumstoff

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Foam dice

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Riesenwürfel aus Schaumstoff


The large foam dice are also suitable for people with poor motor skills and people with a handicap.
The numbers are milled in to make the numbers easy to read.

Examples of exercises:

Based on the number of points rolled Fetching or taking away the number of certain material
- add points with several throws.
- go to certain marked places in the room as a running, reaction game
- carry out a predetermined task with a certain number thrown on the dice and have to roll their numbers
- put four dice together in such a way that a certain number of points results on the surface
- build with dice, stack them, transport, balance
- throwing and catching games

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Sport-Thieme GmbH
Helmstedter Str. 40
38368 Grasleben
Germany Telephone: 05357 181181 Email: Homepage:


Edge length: Price:
30 cm EUR 64.95 (per piece)
50 cm EUR 109.95 (per piece)



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