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Aeolis Klangspiele

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Aeolis chimes

There are 5 images available for this product:

  1. Silbermond die Kantele
  2. Mandala die Harfe/Leier
  3. Murmel die kleine Kinderharfe
  4. Tom die Sprechtrommel
  5. ARIADNE die Windharfe / Äolsharfe


Aeolis chimes, speaking drums and stringed instruments are made entirely by hand. The sound bodies of the stringed instruments are cut from a single piece of red alder wood. As a result, the oscillation process in the instrument is not interrupted by glue spots or crossbars; the player can clearly feel the oscillation of the body of the sound. The tops of the stringed instruments are made of solid clay spruce. All instruments are easy to use with little finger force and are therefore easy for children to use. The wooden surfaces can be coated or waxed with pure natural resin varnish.

The following instruments are offered:

- Ariadne the Aeolian harp
- Silbermond the Kantele
- Kalevala the soprano cantele
- Mandala the harp / lyre
- Marble the little childrens harp
- Tom die Talking drum

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Stefan Rössler
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Germany Telephone: 02582 7177 Email: Homepage:

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