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Klang- und Rhythmikwagen (61-tlg)

Product Type:
Rhythm instruments for groups

Material for larger groups up to 30 players
Contents:1 Soprano Metallophone (c3-g4 with fis3, BB3 and FIS4), 10 sound components (c2-c3, f k2 and flat2), 1 pair of claves, 1 tube wooden drum with handle, 1 guiro, 1 guiro double, 1 block of wood with 18 cm, 2 clamp bars sorted, 1 Schell tree, 1 large bell wreath, 1 small bell wreath, 1 bell staff, 1 triangle with 15 cm and 1 Triangle 20 cm, 1 pair of castanets, 1 pair Maracas, 1 pair Fingercymbeln steel, 1 Cymbel on retaining bar with mallets, 1 pair of cymbals, 1 cymbals, 1 Cymbelständer, 1 tambourine and 1 frame drum with 6 pairs of jingles.

Price (no guarantee):
428.00 EUR including VAT (sales)
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price date:02/01/2017



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Riedel GmbH

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