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C-Flöte für beeinträchtigte linke oder rechte Hand

Product Type:
Special equipment for woodwind instruments

Areas of Application:
- Small growth
- congenital malformations in arms and hands
- impaired fingermotor
- accidental damage (eg loss of an arm or finger link)

At the company, flutes for the handicapped can be made individually to order, e.g. For one-armed, in persons with congenital malformation of the arms and hands, with impaired fingermotorics, in the case of damage to the nervous system, e.g. Spastic paralysis or disturbances of the sense of touch.

Special adaptations:
The instruments are adapted to the disabilities, e.g. By displacing sound holes and mounting individual flaps or complicated mechanisms. In addition, a holding device is sometimes required. This is also made on request.

Price (no guarantee):
On request at:Sales

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Conrad Mollenhauer GmbH


Conrad Mollenhauer GmbH

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