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Product Type:
sound cradle

Areas of Application:
- music therapy
- Snoezel room facility
- Sensory integration
- blindness
- visually impaired

The sound cradle of a curved wood panel beech, birch and ash wood is a combination of musical instrument relaxation and weighing vibratorischem therapy instrument. She is a half-shell, in which you can put or put. Outside it has 2 x 18 strings, which are tuned in the standard version on each one tone, with a fifth or quart as an interval. 2 bass strings, each an octave lower, allowing a harmonically rich sound spectrum. By alluding and plucking the strings on the outside of the cradle advised them to vibrate and resound with a harmonically rich sound spectrum. The string vibration is transmitted to the body of the sound cradle and from there to the interior of the half-shell. In the sound cradle can sit or lie down. The vibrations are perceived throughout the body and perceived as pleasant trickle. At the same time the sound cradle can be rocked with the lying therein person. The sound cradle is used in music therapy, exercise therapy, sensory integration therapy, psychotherapy; . In special education, the kindergarten and the training of perception

Order number:Length:Strings:Weight:Size:Price:
KL99 100 cm 2 x 18-76 x 43 x 100 cm 1,525.00 EUR
KL130 130 2 x 18 23 kg 76 x 34 x 130 2295.00 EUR
KL150 150 cm 2 x 18 27 kg 76 x 34 x 150 cm 2,480.00 EUR
KL180 180 2 x 18 36 kg 76 x 34 x 180 2980.00 EUR
KL200 198 cm 2 x 18-76 x 43 x 198 3,080.00 EUR

Alle Sound cradles have 2 x 18 strings

Options / Accessories:
stapelbare Stool, spindle stool or a seat throne to strap in the sound weighing

Price (no guarantee):
including VAT Consumer Price
Price Date:10/13/2016



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ALLTON Harbeke & Hausser OHG


ALLTON Harbeke & Hausser OHG

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