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Aeolis Klangspiele

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Aeolis sound games

Aeolis sound plays, drums and stringed instruments are completely handmade. The sound bodies of the stringed instruments are cut from a single piece of red alderwood. As a result, the vibration in the instrument is not interrupted by glue points or cross-pieces, the player can clearly feel the vibration of the sound body. The strings of the stringed instruments are made of solid clay spruce. All instruments are easy to handle with little finger pressure and therefore also for children. The wood surfaces are coated with pure natural resin varnish or waxed.

The following instruments are offered
- Ariadne the Aeolsharfe
- Silbermond the Kantele
- Kalevala the soprano
- Mandala the harp / lyre
- Murmel the small children's harp
- Tom the talking drum

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Stefan Rössler


Stefan Rössler

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