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Harp with simplified notes

The Veeh-Harfe is a flat wooden box with a slightly curved shape, depending on the model 14 to 37 strings of different lengths. It is plucked in a vertical position or plucked on the lap. The melody is read from top to bottom like a text. For the reproduction of unison or polyphonic pieces of music, a special note was developed, which is easier to understand and learn than the musicians' usual notation:the sheet is placed on the instrument under the strings and shows with the aid of points connected by a zigzag line Tone sequence. This system is also quickly understood and implemented by mentally disabled people, young children and old people who have never learned to read music. Layers can also make a piece of music by means of the sheet music transfer of each piece of music in classical notes.

Model Base:
- 18 strings with pitch h - e '' (soprano)
- (H - e 'tenor on request)
- String spacing:11.5 mm,
Chromatic, i. Halftones available

Model standard
- 25 strings with pitch g - g '' (Alto-Soprano)
- (G - g 'tenor bass on request)
- String spacing:11.5 mm
- chromatic

Model Solo
- 37 strings with pitch G - g '' (Bass-Tenor-Alto-Soprano)
- String spacing:11.5 mm
- fully chromatic, i. All halftones
A complete musical instrument for even more demanding melodies.

Model Comfort:
- 18 strings with pitch h - e '' (soprano)
- String spacing:16.5 mm
Chromatic, i. Halftones available

Options / Accessories:
To the instruments there is a suitable bag, a harp stand, a tuning key, an electronic tuner, a note writing program (Winword 6. 0) and several notes with up to 36 songs.

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Hermann Veeh GmbH & CO.KG


Hermann Veeh GmbH & CO.KG

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