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Electric spreader for fertilizer or seed

- Hand handicap
- Persons with motor impairments
- persons with least or uncoordinated movements

With the adapted multistreuer, users can evenly spread lawns, fertilizer, sand, streusplit, bird feed or confetti with least or uncoordinated movements.
It is sufficient if the users can actuate external buttons or sensors. A caretaker simply triggers the safety catch and guides the appliance. When the button is inserted, the spreader can only work if the button and the safety catch on the device are operated simultaneously.
The quantity of material to be scattered is set by means of the individually adjustable flap size in the device. With the change of the speed, the spreading width can be adjusted between approx. 0.5 m and approx. 2.5 m.

application examples
Performing Responsible Tasks
By activating the push-button, the spreader is switched directly into operation and, B the seed is scattered. This allows the action-reaction understanding to be practiced.
At the same time, responsible tasks such as the feeding of birds or spreading of streusplit can be undertaken by means of the spreader.

Individual operation
Push-buttons and sensors are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and types of actuation, so that they can be operated even with the slightest or overwhelming forces. For wireless use a Jelly Beamer Set can be used.
The user can carry the transmitter with him or he is attached to a wheelchair, the recipient can, for example, Eg with a Velcro tape attached to the spreader.

Technical Data:
Size:30 x 30 x 35 cm
Product weight:1.5 Kg
Batteries:4 AA size batteries

Price (no guarantee):
59,00 EUR tax incl. (Sales)
Multitreuer and Jelly Beamer Set SLAT:305,90 EUR
Retail price
Price Date:25.06.2017



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