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Vollautomatische Blumenkastenbewässerung

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Automatic flower box irrigation

The fully automatic flower box irrigation automatically irrigates up to 6 m flower boxes. With the integrated time switch with 13 fixed programs, flower boxes can be irrigated in the downward direction. For independence from the tap, the flower box irrigation can be carried out e.g. Directly to a rainwater tank. If more than 6 meters of flower boxes are to be irrigated, the set can be extended. For a water-saving irrigation, the flower box irrigation can be connected with the GARDENA Regensensor electronic and a floor moisture sensor. The set includes a transformer with rotary knob for the selection of the irrigation programs, a 14V low-voltage pump with dirt filter, 25 line dropper (2 l / h) with cap and cleaning needle, 10 m of manifold 4,6mm (3/16 ') and 15 tube holders.

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131,99 EUR tax incl.
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Price Date:05.03.2017

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GARDENA Deutschland GmbH


GARDENA Deutschland GmbH

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