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Duft- und Tastgarten

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Garden for the blind and wheelchair users in the Stadtgarten Karlsruhe

Blind people can smell plants or recognize those with particularly rough leaves.
Wheelchair users find them at the right height in front of them and enough space to pass between the beds. Contrary to the current location, the landscape gardeners have created eleven high and three ground beds with about 150 species.
On 75 meters there are medicinal plants such as the king candle, valerian or sage, donated and drawn by the German Homopathie Union. In addition there are plants for pressing and from the farm garden. Besides, those with strong colors, such as ecchinacea plants in red tones, spicy herbs such as cut cucumber or bright orange seasoning. In the nursery you can taste the little liquorice tarts, chocolate iris or the gummy bear flower. In the Mediterranean plants grow Sicilian spices or Roman chamomiles. Salbei and mint varieties determine the last raised bed. Three other colorful flooring as well as fragrance shrubs supplement the outer area.

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Please contact:Gartenbauamt Stadt Karlsruhe

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Gartenbauamt Stadt Karlsruhe

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