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Motormäher 512H

Product Type:
Motor mower

Special Feature:

for example to relieve the musculoskeletal system

The SERIE 500 is the entry-level series of KÖPPL professional implements and is used for mowing large areas. With various mounting options and the choice of motorization a variety of applications are possible, for example, for municipal work or in agriculture.

Features / Components:
- Construction:stable, handy, with low center of gravity, wide track
- Guide rail:tilt without tools Adjustable in height, mounted on silent blocks with adjustable vibration protection
- Safety:Safety Stop Setup
- Brake:Park Brake
- Differential and Lock:for easy turning
- Shift Lever:for forward and reverse
- Shift Lever:for forward and reverse
- PTO shaft, shifted from the gearbox
- quick-change flange:tool-less, for quick change of attachments
- armpit protected with angle

Technical Data:
Gradeability:Membrane fuel transfer pump for extreme slopes
Engine:4-stroke OHV / Hatz 1B30 / Hatz 1B40
Weight:85.5 - 120 kg

Options / Accessories:
- various types of bikes, for example turf, terra, laths, caterpillar drive
- improved mowing drives
- various hay and mowing attachments
- tools for working in the ground
- equipment for winter maintenance
- attachments for cleaning and care
- Aufsitzwagen, Trailer
- Worklight
- Screw plate with spindle
- Wheel Spacer (6 - 16 cm)
- Antivibration flange

Price (no guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.


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Köppl GmbH - Motorgerätefabrik


Land- und Kommunaltechnik Achim Schultze

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