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Weitreichende Heckenschneider HLA 65

Product Type:

Lighting hedge trimmers

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  1. Heckenschneider HLA 65
  2. Heckenschneider HLA 65: Akku und Ladegerät
  3. Heckenschneider HLA 65: Schnellverstellsystem
  4. Heckenschneider HLA 65: Doppelseitiges Schneidmesser
  5. Heckenschneider HLA 65: Rundumgriff

Special Feature:

- Battery operation
- Low noise
- emission-free

Areas of Application:

for example
- for noise reduction
- for respiratory diseases


The hedge trimmers can be particularly high, long or wide hedge get well in shape. The hedge trimmer is also suitable for cutting work from a distance and for the care of ground cover and scrub. The insert is also suitable for noise sensitive areas.

Features / Components:

- Bow Handle
- Cutting Angle:Optimized
- Stihl EC Motor
- Two-Hand Switch
- Guard Guide
- Blade Guard
- Hanger
- Integrated Cut Protection
- Blade:One-side Ground Blades
- Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
- Charger AL 100, AL 300, AL 500

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

Further Information

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Further Product Details

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Badstr. 115
71336 Waiblingen
Germany Telephone: 07151 26-0 Email: Homepage:


STIHL Vertriebszentrale AG & Co. KG
Robert-Bosch-Str. 13
64807 Dieburg
Germany Telephone: 06071 2040 Email: Homepage:

Adressen bitte im Internet recherchieren.

Technical Data:

Overall length: 102-103 cm
Cutting length: 50 cm
Nominal voltage: 36 V
Max. Cutting thickness: 18-23 mm
Tooth spacing: 26.5-30 mm
Recommended battery: AP 200
Battery technology: Lithium Ion PRO
Sonic sound pressure level: 83 dB (A)
Sound power level: 94 dB (A)
Battery life: 60-800 min.
Weight: 3.1-3.2 kg

Options / Accessories:

- Charger
- Fast Charger AL 300, AL 500
- Battery Belt
- Belt Pouch AP with connecting cable
- Adapter AP
- Additional Pouch for Battery Belt
- Battery Box
- Safety Tray
- Carrying Pouch
- Battery carrying bag
- Cover for Stihl cordless tools



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