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Buffalo 124

Product Type:

Ride-on lawn mower

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- Comfort seat
- Power steering
- Year-round use
- High evacuation

Areas of Application:

for example
- for relief of the musculoskeletal system
- in case of restrictions ▶ Description:
The riding lawn mower is on Versatile lawn mower, which is also suitable for obstacles such as trees, shrubs and beds. The front mounted cutterbar allows the driver a good overview of the area to be worked. The rear-wheel drive ensures good traction on slopes. With the many attachments, the mower is suitable for year-round care of green areas.

Features / Components:

- theoretical surface area: 15,000 m² per hour
- Mowing deck: double worm housing
- superstructure: suspended mounted
- electromagnetic blade brake
- hydraulic drive
- Chassis: welded tube frame
- Catcher emptying: up to 1.8 m in height
- Ergonomically arranged controls
- Power steering

Price (without guarantee):

18.486,00 EUR including VAT (recommended retail price)

Further Information

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Rue de l'Industrie 13
67165 Wissembourg Cedex
France Telephone: +33 388 548900 Email: Homepage:


Rue de l'Industrie 13
67165 Wissembourg Cedex
France Telephone: +33 388 548900 Email: Homepage:

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Technical Data:

Dimensions basic unit (L x W x H): 292 x 128 x 200 cm
Cutting width: 124 cm
Cutting heights: 44/54/66/78/90/102 mm
Speed: 12 km / h
Basket contents: 600 liters
Engine: 23 hp, 2 cylinders, air-cooled
Capacity: 627 cc
Power: 23 hp
Tank capacity: 14 liters
Weight: 623 kg

Options / Accessories:

- mulch deck
- deflector
- spreader
- snow blade
- trailer hitch
- snow chains



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