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Ride-on mower

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  1. Rider HUSQVARNA R 115C
  2. Zweimesser-Mähdeck
  3. Rider HUSQVARNA R 115C mit Anhänger
  4. Rider HUSQVARNA R 115C mit Schneeräumschild

Special Feature:

- Comfort seat
- Power steering
- All-season use

Areas of Application:

for example
- for relief of the musculoskeletal system
- for restricted areas


The ride-on lawnmower is a versatile lawnmower which is also suitable for obstacles such as trees, shrubs and flowerbeds. The break point is behind the driver. The front mounted cutterbar allows the driver a good overview of the area to be worked. The rear-wheel drive ensures good traction on slopes. With the many attachments the Rider 115 C is suitable for year-round care of the garden.

Features / Components:

- Material frame construction: Steel tube
- Material seat: Vinyl
- Controls: easily accessible
- Blade connection: automatic
- Blade adjustment: automatic
- articulated steering: minimum turning radius
- engine: behind the drivers seat, Power Build AVS by Briggs & Stratton
- engine cooling: air
- front wheels: ball bearing
- rear wheel drive
- rear axle: pendulum
- hydrostatic transmission: pedal-operated
- fuel filler cap: outboard
- Petrol tank: transparent, engine-mounted
- Mower deck: front-mounted, powder-coated
- BioClip / Heckauswurf

Price (without guarantee):

from 3749,00 EUR plus VAT (recommended retail price)

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Husqvarna Deutschland GmbH
Hans-Lorenser-Str. 40
89079 Ulm
Germany Telephone: 0731 490-2500 Email: Homepage:


Husqvarna Deutschland GmbH
Hans-Lorenser-Str. 40
89079 Ulm
Germany Telephone: 0731 490-2500 Email: Homepage:

Adressen bitte im Internet recherchieren.

Technical Data:

Dimensions of basic unit (L x W x H): 229 x 99 x 108 cm
Knife: 2
Cutting width: 95 cm
Cutting height: 25-75 mm
Cutting height, steps: 5
Tank volume: 7 l
Tire size: 165/60 -8
Wheelbase: 84.5 cm
Ground clearance: 105 mm
Engine power net: 9.5 kW at 3000 rpm
Displacement: 500 cm3
Generator: 3 A
Battery: 12 V / 21 Ah
Speed: 0- 10 km / h
reverse speed: 0-8 km / h
weight: 219 kg

Options / Accessories:

- Snow blade
- Snow chains with and without spikes
- Trailer
- Entmooser
- Streuwagen 30
- Lighting kit
- Loading ramps
- Tarpaulin



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