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Yoyo Stretchschlauch

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Light water hose for gardening

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Yoyo Stretchschlauch


The structure prevents the formation of kinks or knots with constant water volume. After turning on the water, the hose extends to about twice the initial length. After use, it contracts to its original length and can be stowed away to save space.
The hose is equipped with the Aquastop system, which blocks the flow when the gun is disconnected from the hose and the connection from the tap.

Features / Components:

- after the water has been drained, it shortens quickly and saves space
- extends to twice its length due to the water pipe pressure (3 bar)
- prevents knots and twists that make watering difficult

Price (without guarantee):

EUR 32.90 to EUR 39.90 including VAT (sales)
for 20 m or 30 m length
Retail price
Price date: 03.02.2020

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Via Piave, 8
36066 Sandrigo
Italy Homepage:


BAUHAUS E-Business GmbH & Co. KG
Gutenbergstr. 21
68167 Mannheim
Germany Telephone: 0800 3905000 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Lengths: 8 m, 15 m, 20 m or 30 m
Weight with a length of 20 m: 829 g
Temperature resistance: from -10 degrees C to +50 degrees C



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