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SmartFit Teleskop-Spaten | spitz

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Spade with height-adjustable handle

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  1. SmartFit Teleskop-Spaten, spitz
  2. SmartFit Teleskop-Spaten, spitz
  3. SmartFit Teleskop-Spaten, spitz


The round spade from Fiskars is suitable for digging and cutting lawns. Its height-adjustable handle can be set between 105 centimeters and 125 centimeters. So every user can set the optimal working height and work without straining the back. The spade has an ergonomic shape that requires less effort to work. The widest part of the tool is 19 centimeters wide. The model weighs a total of 1950 grams. The spade is made of boron steel.

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Germany Telephone: 0800 0051810 Email: Homepage:


Amazon Europe Core S.à r.l.
38 avenue John F. Kennedy
L-1855 Luxemburg
Luxembourg Homepage:

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