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rollstuhlgerechte Wohnmobile

Product Type:
Mobile home for wheelchair users for rent

Areas of Application:
- Camping
- Camper
- Disability
- wheelchair users
- Motorhome rental

The rental vehicle is designed in such a way that the widest range of applications possible is achieved with various disabilities. All the technical requirements are met so that the handicapped person is also able to cope with the vehicle and the expansion as a self-driver. For the end customer, the vehicle is individually tailored to its needs.

Features / Components:
- Driver's and co-driver's seat:RV's with high backrest and armrests, both rotatable
- Seat group for up to 4 persons including driver and passenger seat, variable single seat and wheelchair space
- 2-3 sleeping places
- Sleeping cabin above cab
- In the rear single bed (75 x 200 cm), extendable to double bed up to 140 cm
- Special hinged door:opens upwards
- Self-propelled wheelchair lift (250 kg load), platform width 72 cm
- air conditioning, electrically adjustable and heated rear mirrors, hand-held unit for operation with the right / left hand
- Folding table behind driver's seat

Technical Data:
Vehicle type:Mercedes Sprinter 312 D
Length:327 cm
Width:228 cm
Height:285 cm
Power output:90 KW (122 hp)
Transmission:4-speed automatic gearbox
Engine:diesel engine
Total weight:3500 kg

Price (no guarantee):
On request at:Sales

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Grimm WohnMobile und WohnWagen GmbH


Grimm WohnMobile und WohnWagen GmbH

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