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Assistive Product Leif - lernfähige Infrarot-Fernbedienung

Product Type:

Infrared Remote Control


Leif is an adaptive infrared remote control. It was developed for people who cannot operate the small buttons of remote controls or for whom a large number of buttons is too confusing.
Up to six buttons with 3.5 mm jack plugs can be connected to Leif and easily programmed. A function is taught-in for each pushbutton. By pressing a button, entertainment media such as TV, radio or CD player, but also toys that are equipped with an infrared remote control can be controlled.


- Leif - learnable infrared remote control
- 2 Mignon batteries
- operating manual

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199,95 EUR incl. VAT.
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TfB Rehalösungen GmbH
Weinsheimerstr. 57A
67547 Worms
Germany Telephone: 06241 4969175 Email: Homepage:

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