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Assistive Product Big Red Twist

Product Type:

Electrical pushbutton

Areas of Application:

- Remote control system
- Ambient control system
- Remote switch
- Signal transmitter, pushbutton


Like the conventional Big Red pushbutton, the Big Red Twist has a large touch surface with tactile and acoustic feedback, but is newly supplied with four pushbutton surfaces in red, yellow, green and blue to change yourself. Just choose a different color depending on your taste and needs!

Features / Components:

- impact and break resistant plastic
- large surface; 4 button surfaces in different colors to change your

Price (without guarantee):

103.53 EUR incl. VAT (distribution)
End user price

Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

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Further Information

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AbleNet, Inc.
2625 Patton Road
MN 55113-1137 Roseville
United States Telephone: +1 651 294-2200 Homepage:


TfB Rehalösungen GmbH
Weinsheimerstr. 57A
67547 Worms
Germany Telephone: 06241 4969175 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Diameter: 130 mm
Release force: 100 - 150 g
Actuation travel: 1.143 mm
Connection: 2-pin 3.5 mm jack plug
Cable length: 183 cm



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Last Update: 17 Jan 2023