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HouseMate Pro MKIV IR/Easy Umfeldsteuerung für Smartphone

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Environment control with control module for Android smartphone via switch sensors or wheelchair

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HouseMate Pro MKIV IR/Easy Umfeldsteuerung für Smartphone


HouseMate is a sensor-controlled switchbox and software for Android phones. The HouseMate environment control allows the control of a smartphone via a special scanning process. The smartphone is then also used as a control display for home control. The operation can be carried out directly via the touch screen, scanning, an external switch or the control of the electroroll chair.
It is also possible, for example, to control the HouseMate box in the wheelchair together with a special interface via the joystick, and then switch it from the bed alternatively with a sensor.
The connection via Bluetooth controls the entire graphical interface of the smartphone and thus also enables the control of SMS, mail, many apps, music players and other programs.
In addition, the environmental controller has an IR environment control module and an Easywave control unit, thus enabling the control of the residential environment.
The app can be tested without a sensor box.

Features / Components:

- Bluetooth control box
- IR transmitter module
- Easywave module
- ClickToPhone and HouseMate download via Androidshop
- Internal button
- Jack connection 3.5 mm release sensor
- 3.5 mm jack connector for potential-free switching output, eg call systems
- Acoustic scanning
- Note:Smartphones and sensors are not included in the scope of supply.

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