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Adaptive multicontroller for single sensors

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ClickMan is an adaptive multicontroller for single sensors with two multifunctional potential-free switching outputs, one of which can be used as a normally closed and normally open contact. This makes it possible to use the ClickMan as a trigger device on light / nurse call systems with closed-circuit current and cable break monitoring. Thanks to the setting options (via PC software), almost any desired switching behavior can be produced at the switching outputs.

Features / Components:

- Any single sensors such as PikoButton or PicoButton NC can be used for idle or operating current and proximity sensor (ProX2 Set)
- With lithium Polymer battery suitable for mobile applications
- Variable battery charge via USB cable or optional external source with 12-24 VDC
- Cable break and function monitoring of the sensor with configurable emergency call circuit possible
- Safety through battery and system monitoring (watchdog) with emergency call circuit
- 2 potential-free switching contacts available on one jack socket each
- A switching contact can be used and configured individually as a normally open and / or normally closed contact.
- to be used as a trigger device on light and nursing call systems with closed current and cable break monitoring
- second switching contact for the parallel operation of environment control devices
- individually adjustable anti-tremor filter (response time and execution time continuously adjustable)
- dual or multiple functions can be used (for example for triggering a care call and parallel operation of the environment control, switchable / switchable via configurable double or long click.
- acoustic and / or optical feedback during operation
- desired switching behavior of the switching contacts (impulse, changeover switch, button, double click)

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CSS MicroSystems GmbH
In den Hofäckern 16
74189 Weinsberg
Germany Telephone: 07134 5103-111 Email: Homepage:


CSS MicroSystems GmbH
In den Hofäckern 16
74189 Weinsberg
Germany Telephone: 07134 5103-111 Email: Homepage:

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