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Assistive Product PowerLink 4

Product Type:

Switching device for push-button and switch operation


PowerLink is a mains switching adapter for operating two external 230 V devices, each with a push-button (2 channels). Mixers, fans, hairdryers etc. can be activated by pressing an external control element. The connected appliances can be switched separately.

Various settings are available to define how and for how long the appliance should be switched. In timer mode, the device is activated for the preset time after the button is pressed, after which it switches off again automatically; in direct mode, it is only active for the duration of the button press. Using the On/Off option, the connected device switches on at the first press and off at the second.

The PowerLink4 has a bright plastic housing with a digital display. The display shows the elapsed time in timer mode ("countdown").

The device can be controlled via any control element with a 3.5 mm jack plug. Wireless control is possible using Big- or JellyBeamer. Receivers for Ablenet radio buttons are already installed.

Features / Components:

The following 6 operating modes can be selected:
  • Second timer (1-99 seconds)
  • Minute timer (1-99 minutes)
  • Direct: The device remains switched on as long as the button is pressed.
  • On/Off: The device is switched on when the button is pressed On/Off: The device is activated the first time the button is pressed and switched off the second time
  • 2-button: The device is only activated when both buttons are pressed simultaneously
  • Counting: Like "Direct" mode, all button activations are counted and displayed.

Price (without guarantee):

419.00 EUR incl. VAT (Rehavista)
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AbleNet, Inc.
2625 Patton Road
MN 55113-1137 Roseville
United States Telephone: +1 651 294-2200 Homepage:


Konsul-Smidt-Str. 8c
28217 Bremen
Germany Telephone: 0421 989628-0 Email: Homepage:

Prentke Romich GmbH
Karthäuserstr. 3
34117 Kassel
Germany Telephone: 0561 78559-0 Email: Homepage:

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