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Apple HomePod

Product Type:

Universal environmental control system with voice input

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Apple HomePod in zwei lieferbaren Farben

Areas of Application:

- Visually impaired
- Blindness
- Voice assistant


The Apple HomePod is a voice-controlled device that plays voice control music, controls smart home devices, and provides information that reads messages , Alarm clock and more.

Features / Components:

- Loudspeaker with integrated room recognition for clan optimization
- Music playback by voice command from Apple Music and other services via AirPlay
- Voice control for your smart home
- Playback of weather and traffic information, messages , Podcasts
- set the timer and alarm clock
- make and answer calls
- can be connected to a second HomePod for stereo sound
- includes data protection and control measures on several levels
- two different colors available

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Apple Inc.
One Apple Park Way
CA 95014 Cupertino
United States Homepage:


Apple Inc.
One Apple Park Way
CA 95014 Cupertino
United States Homepage:

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