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Sprechender Einbauherd mit Pyrolyse , Ceran- oder Induktion Neff HMK161

Product Type:

Built-in stove with voice output

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Areas of Application:

- Visual impairment
- Blindness


The built-in cooker from Neff is offered as a package with voice output. All settings of the control buttons are output as a voice message. To repeat the current setting of a rotary knob, all you have to do is tap the respective button. The cooker has a flex-zone induction hob. A pot or pan is placed on the left or right side of the hob and the hob finds the saucepan automatically. Precise positioning of the cookware is not necessary.
The pyrolysis function automatically cleans the oven at very high temperatures.
Feelware Audio consists of rotary knobs and a voice output unit, the Feelware AudioBox. The original knobs on the stove are replaced by the audio knobs. The AudioBox is set up or hung up in the kitchen and connected to the socket. The Feelware audio buttons record the setting of the cooker and pass the information on to the Feelware AudioBox, which it outputs as a voice message.

Features / Components:

- Operation with rotary buttons, voice output Feelware Audio
- auxiliary functions power level, flex zone and locking as touch control elements on the induction hob, barrier-free thanks to a tactile template.
- pyrolysis self-cleaning
- optionally with glass hob with radiant heating (ceramic hob)
- optionally with induction hob with round hobs and a roasting zone
- optionally with flex zones Induction hob
- Hot air
- Eco hot air
- Pizza setting
- Grill
- Convection grill
- Bottom heat
- Top and bottom heat
- Energy efficiency class A

(voice output)
- Operation with Feelware audio knobs
- Feelware AudioBox voice output unit with 240V power supply
- Audible operating instructions on CD
- Installation instructions
- Tactile template for the touch controls nte of the auxiliary functions with the induction hobs

Price (without guarantee):

1,640.00 EUR including VAT (sales)
Package price for stove and voice output
End-user price

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Constructa-Neff Vertriebs-GmbH
Carl-Wery-Str. 34
81739 München
Germany Telephone: 089 4590-04 Email: Homepage:


Robert Rupprecht
Veltmanplatz 11
52062 Aachen
Germany Telephone: 0157 57165693 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Installation dimensions oven: H60 x W56 x D55 cm
Installation dimensions hob: H5.5 x W56 x D49 cm



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