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Anwesenheitssensor 4Safe für Dreh- und Karusseltüren

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Presence sensor

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Anwesenheitssensor 4Safe


Automatic doors require pulse generators, which instruct the door operator to open or close the door. Different doors and traffic volumes demand different sensors and pulse generators.

The Besam 4Safe is a high-performance pulse generator for carrousel and revolving doors, which is attached to the upper edge of the door, thus ensuring an additional degree of safety irrespective of the position of the door - DIN 18650 approved.

Areas of Application:

In passageways and passages of public buildings, hospitals, nursing homes and schools

Features / Components:

- Safety sensor for turning and car doors
- Protection of the door
- prevents opening or closing of the door if there is something in the sensor area
- if an obstacle is detected during the door opening, the door movement is interrupted
- if the door is in the closing movement, the door is opened again
- Transmitter and receiver units are integrated in the sensor
- Transmitter transmits a pulsating infrared light that is invisible to the eye
- Infrared light is thrown against objects / person
The reflected light is received by the receiver
Into an electrical signal
To the control unit of the door opener

Swing door closed:

The unit acts as a presence monitor and prevents the door from opening when a person or obstacle is in the sensing field in the opening area.

Opening and closing the revolving door:

During the closing cycle, the presence detection unit is used. If there is a person or obstacle within the
A signal for opening is sent to the door drive. The unit prevents opening the door when a person or obstacle is in the detection area on the closing side of the door.

Swing door open:

The detection field is dimmed to prevent activation through the wall. The unit on the other side now functions as a presence detection unit. If a person stops in front of the open door, closing is prevented.

Carousel door:

If a person or obstacle is within the first fields of detection, the movement of the door slows.

If a person or obstacle enters the rear (the carousel wing) facing fields, the rotary movement of the carousel door is stopped.

Standard equipment / setting:

- Detection area:Detection mode by presence
- Distance measurement:by triangulation
- Outputs:2 separate relay outputs
- maximum holding time:infinity (adjustable)
- Temperature range:-25 degrees to + 55 degrees Celsius
- Dimensions (length x height x depth):350/700/900 x 43.5 x 47.5 mm
- Material:aluminum, ABS and Plexiglass
- Color:alu-colored or black profile, front black
- Protection class:IP53
- Normality:CE, DIN 18650, BS 7036, ANSI

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The price is available on request via the manufacturer / distributor.

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Allée des Noisetiers 5
4031 Angleur
Belgium Telephone: +32 4 3616565 Email: Homepage:


Allée des Noisetiers 5
4031 Angleur
Belgium Telephone: +32 4 3616565 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

- Technology: active infrared, 1 master module, 3 slave modules (maximum)
- Detection range (at 2,2 m mounting height):
Line-shaped 440 x 70 mm, square 202 x 167 mm
- Mounting height: 1.1 m to 3.5 m (factory setting: 2.2 m)
- Supply voltage: 12 to 24 V AC / DC +/- 10%
- Response time: 32 to 128 ms
- Power frequency: 50 to 60 Hz



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