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Teleskop-Schiebetürsystem Geze Slimdrive SLT/SLT-FR

Product Type:

Telescopic sliding door drive

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Teleskopschiebetürsystem Geze Slimdrive

Areas of Application:

- hospitals, senior citizens' and disabled homes
- commercial buildings and banks
- Airports and railway stations
- Hotels and restaurants
- Public buildings


Slimdrive SLT is used with two- or four-wing telescopic sliding doors made of 22 mm isoglas or frameless door leaves (IGG) with concealed fittings. The Slimdrive SLT has a built-in interior and exterior doors with a wing weight of up to 280 kg. The Slimdrive SLT is reliable, unobtrusive and almost invisible thanks to the low height of only 7 cm. The drive allows opening widths up to 3600 mm.

Features / Components:

- Slimdrive SLT is a drive for telescopic sliding doors
- SLT-FR is approved for use in escape and rescue routes
- Certified according to DIN 18650
- Integrated battery for emergency opening and closing in case of power failure
- Space-saving door system in confined spaces
- Robust power supply with integrated all-pole main switch and fuse
- Full-scale control via 16-bit high-performance microprocessor (category 2 according to DIN EN 954-1)

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Reinhold-Vöster-Str. 21-29
71229 Leonberg
Germany Telephone: 07152 2030 Email: Homepage:


Reinhold-Vöster-Str. 21-29
71229 Leonberg
Germany Telephone: 07152 2030 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Size of drive: 70 x 247 mm (height x depth)
Opening width: 2-leaf, 1000 to 3000 mm
Opening width: 4-leaf, 2000 to 3600 mm
Wing weight: 2-wing max. 2 x 80 kg
Wing weight: 4-leaf max. 4 x 70 kg
Door height: maximum 3,000 mm
Max. Opening speed: 0.7 m / s
Closing speed: up to 0,4 m / s



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