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Drehtürsystem Geze TSA 160 NT/160 NT-F 1-flügelig

Product Type:

Revolving door drive

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  1. TSA 160 NT
  2. Drehtürsystem

Areas of Application:

- for old and new buildings
- for exterior and interior
- senior citizen facilities
- homes for the disabled and workshops
- hospitals, medical offices
- social rooms, toilets
- schools and other public buildings

Features / Components:

- TSA 160 NT is an electronically controlled, hydraulic revolving door system
- Low maintenance, high reliability and easy adjustment
- Closing force and opening and closing speed infinitely adjustable
- Sash width up to 1400 mm
- Sash weight up to 250 kg
- TSA160 NT-F approved for fire and smoke protection doors
- Use of systems pulling and pushing (tape and tape opposite side)
- With power-saving switching power supply
- Standard:Push-and-Go function can be switched on and off as desired
- According to DIN 18650 type approved and certified, complies with the European standard EN 954-1
- Integrated program switch for the modes Off, Automatic and Permanently open , Shop closing can be implemented via external program switch
- Variants TSA 160 NT-IS / F-IS for double-leaf doors with integrated, invisible closing sequence control
- For wooden, steel or aluminum hinged doors

The system is mounted above the door leaf and is applicable for right and left hinged doors in pulling or pushing function

- external dimensions drive:100 x 120 x 690 mm
- door leaf widths:DIN EN 1154 size 3-6
- clamping force infinitely adjustable:EN size 3-6
- Opening and closing speed infinitely adjustable
- Control delay:0-10 sec.
- Adjustable hold-open time:0-60 seconds
- Door opening angle:up to 115 degrees

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Reinhold-Vöster-Str. 21-29
71229 Leonberg
Germany Telephone: 07152 2030 Email: Homepage:


Reinhold-Vöster-Str. 21-29
71229 Leonberg
Germany Telephone: 07152 2030 Email: Homepage:

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