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Drehtürsystem Geze Slimdrive EMD / EMD-F

Product Type:

Rotary door drive

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  1. Drehtürsystem Geze Slimdrive EMD / EMD-F
  2. Drehtürsystem Slimdrive EMD / EMD-F

Areas of Application:

- for outdoor and indoor use
- Retirement homes and residences
- Disabled facilities
- Hospitals, doctor's offices
- Toilets
- Hotels


Quiet, electromechanical drive system with an overall height of only 7 cm for single-leaf rotary doors.
The compact, only 7 cm high drive moves large and heavy inner and outer doors playfully and quietly.
The Slimdrive EMD, which is tested according to DIN 18650, is therefore the ideal solution if, apart from performance, minimal noise emissions are required.

Features / Components:

- Low-wear and maintenance-free high-performance motor for reliable operation
- Quiet operation
- Temperature management
- Low drive dimensions allow installation even in restricted spaces
- Flexible through many connection possibilities, eg motor lock, display program switch, electric door opener, latching switch contact
- Intelligent communication via a bus system allows easy wiring
- All door parameters, such as opening, closing speed and limit stop, are adjustable
- Adjustable supporting servo function for easy opening of the door manually
- Standard:Push-and-go function (press and go) can be switched on and off as required
- In the low-energy mode, the drive moves the door with reduced speed
- Optional CAN interface for the realization of demanding requirements such as lock control
- For double-leaf rotary doors with a closing sequence control integrated into the drive system
- The EMD-F version is approved for use on smoke and fire doors
- Integrated program switch for "off", "automatic" and "continuous open" - "load closing" can be realized with the aid of an external program switch
- low overall height of only 70 mm
- Mounting type:head mounting on hinge side or hinge side, door leaf mounting on the hinge side
- tested according to DIN 18650 as well as BGR 232
- Low energy function can be selected as desired
- Opening and closing speed adjustable

Price (without guarantee):

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Reinhold-Vöster-Str. 21-29
71229 Leonberg
Germany Telephone: 07152 2030 Email: Homepage:


Reinhold-Vöster-Str. 21-29
71229 Leonberg
Germany Telephone: 07152 2030 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Drive dimensions (W x H x D): 650 x 70 x 121 mm
Max. Wing weight: 180 kg (EMD), 230 kg (EMD-F)
Max. Door width: 1400 mm
Opening angle: adjustable up to 115 degrees
Hold time: 0 to 60 seconds
Drive delay: 0 to 20 seconds



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