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Busch-Jalousiecontrol II

Product Type:

Blind control

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  1. Beispiel Zentralscheibe schwarz
  2. Standard- und Komforttimer
  3. Beispiel Zentralscheibe studioweiß

Areas of Application:

- Private homes, rehabilitation facilities, retirement homes, dormitories, etc.
- also for renovation


With the standard timer control element, roller shutters as well as blinds can be opened and closed manually and time-controlled. Two switching times per day can be conveniently programmed via the control element. In addition, the timer has a holiday function, which varies the travel times at random. The central disk is available in various switch programs of the company Busch-Jäger and offers thus numerous combination possibilities and color variants as well as contrasts. Corresponding combinations for additional contrasts also offer the cover frames from the various product groups.

Features / Components:

- Standard timer control element with a particularly flat design
- for manual and timed switching of roller shutters and blinds
- with Astroprogram
- individual astroshifting and astrospection
- manual operation of the shading possible at any time
- easy setting via menu and text-guided display
- factory setting switching times
- also individual adjustments possible
- automatic summer and winter time switchover
- Switching times / program are stored in a non-volatile memory
- Power reserve for the time and date of 14 hours (maintenance-free as a capacitor)
- easy changeover for manual / automatic / holiday operation
- Operating element can be adjusted without flush insert
- 2 switching times per day freely adjustable for each day of the week
- Astro switching times and switching times can be combined
- for Venetian blind base insert 6418 U in case of power failure
- Temperature range device:0 to 35 degrees Celsius

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Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH
Freisenbergstr. 2
58513 Lüdenscheid
Germany Telephone: 02351 956-1600 Email: Homepage:


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