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Busch-Jalousiecontrol II

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Blind control

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This blind control is suitable for controlling all motorized blinds, blinds and awnings. Many application, connection and adjustment possibilities for every living situation. With this system, brightness and glass breakage sensors as well as other sensors can be directly connected. With the blinds management, the lighting conditions and temperature can be adjusted in all rooms at any time as desired. Outside, the system allows the targeted control of awnings and garage doors.

Blinds can be moved or set individually or in groups. With an additional brightness sensor, the shutter control is automatically controlled according to the sun exposure.

Various operating elements, such as the time control for the submerged use of the blind control, allow the blinds to be automatically closed or downshifted at the push of a button.

Blinds can be used to control the awnings manually, via remote control or with the Busch timer. With timed and light-controlled roller shutters, the house is also protected during absence.

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Busch-Jalousiecontrol® II
diverse Bedienelemente

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Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH
Freisenbergstr. 2
58513 Lüdenscheid
Germany Telephone: 02351 956-1600 Email: Homepage:


Adressen bitte im Internet recherchieren.


The control elements are available in all switch programs of Busch-Jäger and therefore offer numerous combinations and color variants.



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