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Assistive Product Vibris - leuchtender und vibrierender Taster

Product Type:

Vibrating and luminous button


In addition to the normal button function, the button also has a vibration and light function. It can be connected to all adapted toys or communicators via the 3.5 mm jack connector.
With the various function modes Direct, Locked, Time-controlled up to 2 minutes, the button is suitable for use as an aid to learning cause and
The button begins to shine brightly. It flashes slowly when it is pressed.
The button can either be set so that it vibrates when it is pressed or only vibrates once every 4 seconds.

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129.90 EUR including VAT (sales )
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Ariadne Buchdienst
Angelika von Loeper
Daimlerstr. 23
76185 Karlsruhe
Germany Telephone: 0721 464729-029 Email: Homepage: Homepage:

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