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CARELINE Katapultsitz mechanisch

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catapult seat

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  1. CARELINE Katapultsitz mechanisch
  2. CARELINE Katapultsitz mechanisch


With the help of the gas spring, the uplifting of the respective seat opportunity is made possible on its own.
The resistance can be adjusted six-fold to your body weight.
The visco foam adapts to the body contours.

Features / Components:

- decreases about 80% of the weight
- Visco foam upholstery
- Gas spring adjustable in six stages

Price (without guarantee):

145,00 EUR and 160,90 EUR including VAT
Retail price
Price date: 07.05.2019

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Niederwettersche Str. 1
35094 Lahntal
Germany Telephone: 06421 3030800 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Variant 1: load capacity 35 to 105 kg
Variant 2: load capacity 90 to 160 kg
Seat height: 5 to 26 cm
two load capacity variants: 35 to 105 kg and 90 to 160 kg
Dimensions lower part: 41 x 38 cm (L x W)
Dimensions seat: 48 x 43 cm (L x W)
Seat height closed: 5 cm
Seat height opened: 26 cm
Weight: 4 kg



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