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Katapultsitz Aufstehhilfe bis 165 kg

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Catapult seat, mechanical

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  1. Katapultsitz Aufstehhilfe bis 165 kg
  2. Katapultsitz Aufstehhilfe bis 165 kg

Areas ofAapplication:

- Seating furniture
- Stand-up aid


The catapult seat consists of a base plate and a movable seat part. This seat part of the catapult seat is preloaded to a person weight of 35 kg to max. 165 kg adjustable. The catapult seat stand-up aid can therefore be used on different chairs or armchairs.
The gas spring preload pushes the seat slightly upwards. As a result, part of the body weight is lifted through the catapult seat. The initialization takes place by the muscular initiation of the stand-up function by the user.
The catapult seat is not intended to lift the entire body weight, but only part of it. The necessary physical strength is reduced, not replaced.
After getting up, the seat remains up until the user sits down again. Sitting down is then cushioned by the gas spring.

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105.30 EUR including VAT
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Devita GmbH
Poststr. 11
66649 Oberthal
Germany Telephone: 06854 803081 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Width: 42 cm
Depth: 47 cm
Height when retracted: approx. 7 cm
Height when extended: approx. 25 cm



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