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Assistive Product Schultisch Kinderkogti

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School desk for children


The childrens cot has the dimensions 116 cm x 60 cm and can be continuously adjusted from 62 cm to 112 cm height with a gas spring one-hand crank.
It is wheelchair accessible and can be adapted in all directions with Aids can be provided.
The inclination can be continuously adjusted from 0 - 90 degrees.
The frame is made of robust metal with a powder coating. It is equipped with 4 lockable castors as standard.
The table top is made of multiplex birch and has holes and openings throughout to attach therapy and exercise material.

Possible applications:
The childrens cot provides an ideal space to set up a right-left design to encourage crossing the midline. The multitude of holes is used for building and plugging. The easily distracted child can be given a space for concentrated learning with a quickly erected bracing made of corrugated cardboard. The protected space offers the spastic or atactic child a great deal of security and, thanks to the screw-on bars, a lot of support and new experiences.

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