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Serielle Fertigung Drehtisch mit Sichtkastenstativ WP 8

Product Type:
Drive table for practicing serial fabrication

Areas of Application:
- Work Therapy
- Work Simulation Training
- Matching Activity Profile and Skill Profile
- Creating Labor Market Performance Analysis (ALa)
- Practicing Serial Manufacturing

The table with the round top is electrically height adjustable. Work is possible while sitting or standing or in a dynamic position. The infinitely variable regulation of the rotating work surface allows the highest demands on skill and coordination.
Up to 4 people can be assigned different tasks at the same time. Possible combinations are, for example, the shelving system WP 1 and the visual box stand.

Features / Components:
- Single column table with electric height adjustment
- Round table top
- Tabletop rotation with electric speed control
- Central control panel centered
- Visual box stand as a side table on castors with height-adjustable cantilever arm
- frame powder-coated light gray, similar to RAL 7035

Technical Data:
Height adjustment: approx. 69 cm to 119 cm
Diameter table top: 110 cm
Max. Load: 50 kg
Max. Load storage area side table: 40 kg
Max. Load cantilever: 5 kg

Price (without guarantee):
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Nitzbon AG


Nitzbon AG

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