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Detensor Liegeorthese 5 %

Product Type:
Anti-decubitus pad

Areas of Application:
- Decubitus prophylaxis
- Bed
- Child
- Adult

Features / Components:
- one-piece
- 3 layers, top layer lamellar cut
- Material: polyether foam, open-pored

Functional principle:
In the lumbar vertebra area there is a heart-shaped lamella.
Above the lumbar vertebra area, the lamellae incline towards the head, below the lumbar vertebra area towards the feet.
This inclination creates the traction force acting in the opposite direction by deflecting the body weight should not be used in conjunction with a slatted frame, the base should consist of sturdy, large-area boards.
The fitted sheets should be very elastic.

Degree of hardness: All orthoses are available in three degrees of hardness.

Price (without guarantee):
from 1,649.99 EUR incl. VAT
Price depending on degree of hardness
End-consumer price



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keine Angaben


MKV-Detensor, Inh. Manuela Kienlein e. K.

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