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servocomfort Ruhe-Liegesessel M1 5068

Product Type:
reclining chair, mobile
Use: indoor, for adults

The recliner chair has four lockable castors and can be smoothly varied from a horizontal to a vertical position. As a result, the chair can be used in a variety of fileds of application, such as for dialysis, resting ECG, bleeding or relaxation.

Features / Components:
- frame:rigid
- push handle
- back:upholstered, continuously adjustable
- seat:padded
- armrest:padded, height adjustable
- footrest:can be swiveled and adjusted by lever pressure
- brake:parking brakes on all four wheels
- colour:various colours available

Technical Data:
Dimensions (L x W):170 cm x 73 cm
Seat width:51 cm
Seat depth:51 cm
Roll diameter:12.5 cm
Weight:32 kg

Options / Accessories:
- Infusion stand with clamp
- Tissue holder
- Neck pillow
- ABS plastic tray, incl. clamps

Price (no guarantee):
1.475,60 EUR incl. VAT (recommended retail price)
Price date:06/14/2018

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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servoprax GmbH

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