Building and Housing

Assistive products in the areas construction and housing are for structural measures, either eliminating the barriers of room use or not allowing them to occur in the first place. These include, for example, lifts, ramps and adapted transit areas. On the other hand, adapted furniture and furnishings, helps to minimise or compensate for restrictions due to disabilities.

These assistive products can:

  • Make living rooms and building accessible for all
  • Compensate for height differences
  • Neutralise dangerous areas
  • Enable independent use of furniture and furnishings

Products for residential areas from other assistive product fields:


Massage chair

Furniture and tables

Chairs, tables, armchairs, cabinets with adjustment or seat cushions that can prevent, for example, pressure sores.

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Height-adjustable Nursing Bed

Beds and accessories for beds

The nursing bed is a part of the nursing staffs workplace. Therefore, a nursing bed not only needs to meet the needs of the care recipient, but also to support the needs of the care provider in their work.

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Folding door

Construction elements and safety equipment

These include space-saving doors, sensor water faucets, rescue and safety equipment.

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Railings, handrails and handles

Railings, handrails, support handles with and without lighting can be installed in and around the house or in the bathroom.

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Wide ramp

Assistive products for vertical accessibility

Elevators, lifts, stair lifts, ramps and ladders help to overcome differences in height.

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Operating Units for Blinds

Handling devices for doors, windows and curtains

This includes electric operating aids for doors, windows and roller blinds, compensating for the difficult mechanical operations.

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